Introduction to JSON StudioΒΆ

JSON Studio provides simple and intuitive access to data store as JSON in MongoDB. It is used by analysts, data scientists, developers and DBAs - anyone who wants to view, analyze, visualize or slice-and-dice data in MongoDB.

JSON Studio is coprised of eight applications:

  • Finder - Allows you to query documents and view results in an intuitive, visual manner and without having to write JSON code. Allows you to specify query conditions (akin to the where clauses in SQL) and projection (akin to the select clause in SQL) by simply looking and selecting data. See Working with the Finder.
  • Aggregation Builder - Allows you to slice-and-dice data visually using a point-and-click metaphor. Built on top of the aggregation framework this enables you to group data, filter data, sort data and more without having to code complex JSON aggregation expressions. Provides a staged environment where you can try each operation and see the results immediately. See Working with the Aggregation Builder.
  • Spreadsheet Bridge - Allows you to move data stored in the database quickly into Excel (or other spreadsheet tool) where you can further manipulate the data and use it. Once complete, you can save it back into the database without writing any code. See Working with the Spreadsheet Bridge.
  • Visualizer - Allows you to easily visualize data stored in the database using various chart types and perform visual exploratory analytics. See Working with the Visualizer.
  • Schema Analyzer - Allows you to look at a sample of the data stored in a database collection and infer/visualize the schema of that collection. See Working with the Schema Analyzer.
  • Differ - Allows you to easily compare two JSON strings, two MongoDB collections, two MongoDB queries, a relational table to a MongoDB collection, the result of a SQL query and a MongoDB query, etc. In each case the differ shows you the specific difference between them. See Working with differs.
  • Run-time Viewer - Allows you to view performance information for queries issued from the Studio. See Working with the Run-time Viewer.
  • Profiler - Allows you to use data collected from the MongoDB profiler for inspecting how long operations took, run analytics on this data, and more. See Working with SonarProfiler.
  • De-duper - Allows you to find duplicate documents in a collection.
  • SQL Transfer - Allows you to write simple ETL utilities that select data from any RDBMS and create documents per row of the SQL result set to be inserted or upserted to a collection.

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